If you have trouble opening the following pictures, please let me know. I can email them if you need me to. Just send me a note. In the mean time I am looking for another place to store them.

for pictures of a '69 T/A Formula steering wheel horn cap

Click HERE for a picture of the '69 T/A dealer album insert.

Click HERE for a picture of the info sheet release announcing the '69 T/A and where to place the insert page into the dealer album.

Click HERE for some neat pictures of a vintage beautiful '69 T/A racer (clone). Keep in mind when reading that the "real" T/A race cars raced under the Canadian engine exception and used small block Chevrolets. (be sure to go to the next page to view the finished product).

Click HERE to be linked to several pictures of '69 Trans Ams (even some convertibles) as posted at the Firebird Gallery Web Site.

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