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(9/16/99) Well, thanks to Rich's snazzy new way to update member pages, I have added a picture to my page of my Firebird with the Rally IIs on it and a shot of my Grandma's '72 LeMans Sport. I welcome everyone's comments as to which you think looks better on the Firebird, the Rally's or the Centerlines. More pictures will be added soon. By the way, I have a new Pontiac toy. I bought a 1970 LeMans wagon from Phoenix, AZ a few months back (near rust free). I also just bought a '70 GTO Endure nose that I plan to put on it once I can locate a set of usable fenders and a radiator support. Got any leads?

(11/04/98) I guess one of these days I should update this page, now that it's been up for over a year. I'll have to work on putting up a shot of the car shown above but now with the 14" x 7" Rally IIs.

(10/29/97) Hi! My real name is Kenny Gregrich, I use just the "G." because it is easier than trying to remember my full last name (and no, there is not one saxophone in my home!). I have been a Pontiac enthusiast since I was just a young boy (I'm 32 now) with some of my favorite memories being of riding in my Grand Mother's Cardinal Red 1972 LeMans Sport (which she still has to this day. SEE IMAGE BELOW). I purchased my first Pontiac when I was just 14 years old from the money that I made bussing table is a restaurant in Naples, Florida where I lived at the time. That car was a 1967 Firebird. It had a 389 engine with a tri-power and a four speed. It was no doubt too much car for a kid who would not have his license for another year and a half but I was envied by all my friends. I had that Firebird till I was about 17 when it was sent down the road because it needed too much work and I wanted a nicer one.

I moved back to Tooele, Utah when I was 16 and over the next few years, several cars would go through my hands, some Pontiacs, some not. I did find though that the Pontiacs were the cars that would always make me stop and stare. At the age of 18 I bought my first '67 Firebird convertible (first of three convertibles). I learned how to do a lot of work on Pontiacs with that car; building the engine, doing body work and even learning how to paint. As the years went on I deemed myself the town Pontiac Freak as it seemed no one else had them and I wanted them all. At one point I had seven Firebirds and two GTOs. I have since realized that you can't have them all if you expect them to be driven so many of them were sold and I started looking for my dream car, a 1969 Trans Am.

I found one in Utah but the owner just did not want to sell it. It was not in all that great of shape anyway as it had been sitting outside for many years. I decided I would place an ad in the local paper and see if I could turn any up. I really expected to receive no calls on the ad but within days I receive three calls about '69 Trans Am's in the area, I was amazed! Only 697 of them made and I found three in Utah. To make a long story short I ended up buying one of them. Now, I have to admit that I am still guilty of not restoring that car and it is in storage, but over the past few years of owning it I have collected several parts (some bought from the Classical Pontiac Classified ad boards) for the day I do restore it, including almost a full set of NOS sheet metal (and I'm always looking for NOS parts for this car if you have any to sell). The reason that car has not yet been restored is due to other projects I still own that have been in the way. I hope to get to it soon.

I also own another '67 Firebird convertible that was completed in 1991. This is the car that many of you may have seen pictures of on the web. It is also the car seen on this page. It is my creation of what a '67 Firebird might have looked like had Pontiac started building the Trans Am that year, thereby becoming a "'67 Trans Am". The car has a real steel '69 Trans Am hood (another long story) on it. I have recently purchased a set or Rally II's for the car and plan to put them on for a while for a new look (these have been put on the car since this was wrote).

I still have more cars than I need but what can I say, I'm a Pontiac Freak that's addicted to them! I am in the process of doing a frame-off restoration on a Sunfire Red '64 GTO and I also own a '68 LeMans H.O 350, a 1950 Pontiac 2 door sedan, a 1941 Pontiac 6cyl. coupe and I am actively looking for a Tempest/LeMans wagon for hauling all those Pontiac parts in. In 1992 I also realized that it was hard finding Pontiac information and parts in Utah, so with the help of four friends I had met while showing the "'67 T/A", we formed the Great Salt Lake Chapter of the POCI. I became the President for four years and am currently the Newsletter Editor for our chapter. Our newsletter is called "The Exhaust Notes" (this was wrote back in 1997 and I no longer hold this position, but am still an active member in our POCI chapter). I also collect Pontiac die cast, Pontiac scale models and Pontiac matchbox sized cars and old Pontiac calendars. If you have any you like to sell feel free to contact me any time.


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