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My cars include a 64 Tempest Post Coupe, 64 Tempest Convertible, 64 Lemans HT, 64 Lemans Convertible, 64 GTO convertible, and a 64 GTO HT. The 64 GTO Conv has the stock 389 4bbl, factory rated at 325 hp. It has a console shifted 2 speed A/T. Other options are PS, PB, full tinted glass, posi rear, remote and matching "dummy" mirror. Its pretty much a slug right now running low 16 second times but I hope to change that this fall. The 389 will get rebuilt and the 2 speed will be replaced with a TH-350 and new converter. I'm looking for high 13's. Wish me luck. ****Update**** I started taking the car apart getting ready to redo the suspension, exhaust, engine & trans. See page 5 for some pics and an update on the story.

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