***Update 2/7/02*** As you can see in the above pic the body is now off the frame. In the pic at the bottom you'll see why. I knew my frame had a patch on it but I had no idea how bad it was behind it, and in other areas not so easily seen. I'm searching for another frame but will most likely have a professional welder fix my existing one since convertible frames arent easy to find, and seem to be rather costly. Anyway, the project I had hoped to have done for summer cruising will most likely not get done this year. I guess I'll have to dig out my Lemans and be happy driving that when the weather turns nice again. ***Update - The frame has been repaired with another front 1/3 sectioned in & is now powdercoated. I also had the A-arms coated. The supension will be all new with PolyGraphite bushings up front & New tubular U&L rear control arms from BMR Fabrication. Springs are Eibach 1.5" drop springs, Edelbrock IAS Shocks, 1-1/4" front sway bar, & 1" rear bar. All the steering linkage is new too. Now I need to come up with the $$ to get the engine rebuilt and the time to put it all back together again.

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