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This is a 1969 GTO ragtop. It got the following options. PDB. PS. PW. RM.AC. Bucket seats with console. AM radio with 8track Handling package( wonder what that really was) 400 ys engine with auto ( came original with a 4 speed) Posi at the rear 3.23. Rally gauges. Rally wheels ( not in the picture) with white wall tires ( not redline) And some other options. All this was delivered original with this car. Later I have added or are going to install. Hideaways,remote trunk opener, power antenna, cruise control, airfoil at the rear, hood mounted tach instead of the original indash tach it had, engine and trunk lights. power seat (driver only) and some others. One of the rarest is probably the airtire pump I got new in BOX and the tissue dispenser.( got a NOS 1 for a 67 also if someone is interrested) Options I am looking for: compass, exhaust exstensions, and a complete ram air setup for a nice price.

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