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Greetings fellow pontiac enthusiasts and reborn car nuts like myself.I just caught the bug again just past my 42nd birthday three years ago.My first car was a 67 goat I remember the day well,my father and I were shopping for my first car several weeks after my 16th birthday at the local pontiac dealership where my father had been a customer for many years.there was this four door catatlina my father thought I should buy and this gold 67 g.t.o......being a farm boy with my own money my dad allowed me to buy the goat thanks dad, that started my love with pontiacs. I was away from them for many years but my love affair was rekindled three years ago when I bought a frame off 67 from a very nice fellow whose third child had just entered college.There were tears in his eyes when he rolled it off the trailer in front of my house.I guess it is ironic I am a few years ahead of him in that my two children are out of the house and on their own and I can now afford my toys . please check out my other pages where I will have trans am and pontiac cars from local pontiac friends for sale also trans am parts from the 5 trans am parts cars that I now have, this is an attempt to make my Pontiac addiction self supporting so my wife will not divorce me (I must puplicly thank here for her support as she thinks I am nuts)regards to all LARRY WAGNER

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