Updated 5/1/00 It has been so long since I updated this that I will go straight to the current status. The external is complete with the exception of some more rubbing required on the paint. I waited until assembly was done, and by then the clear was as hard as concrete. Additional details on the next page, but I hope to have fixed an ignition intermittent I was getting. It wouldnít advance like it should (MSD billet distributor), and the ignition would intermittently quit. I finally bit the bullet and took the distributor to a shop. It had several problems. The advance weights were hitting the inside of the rotor, the curve wasnít close to what the MSD instructions said it would be with the parts I used, and the magnetic pickup coil had an unusual intermittent. Hopefully this accounts for my intermittent spark. I got it running again 4/28, the day before I traveled again. It started right up, and ran much steadier than before. It sounded and felt really great. If it is truly fixed, all I have to do is get the new upper A-arms in, finish wiring the 3-step, transbrake, line-loc, etc. There are some cosmetic issues that I will finish after I start racing. It has been under construction way too long.

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