Updated 5/1/00 The engine is a'68 XS (4 bolt main) block, 0.060 over, ported E-Heads, HS 1.5 Roller rockers, Ultradyne solid roller cam with 271/278 @ 0.050 and 0.626 lift. The manifold is a Victor topped off with a Carb Shop Dominator that flows 1176 CFM. The compression is only 10:1, and I still have valve to piston clearance problems. It has a T-400, my first racing venture without a 4-spd. It has a trans-brake and UltraBell housing. It turns a 4.56 spool with Summers Bros. 33 spline axles. Tom's Differentials built the rear end, and it is attached with Gazan adjustable upper arms and Hotchkiss lower arms. It turns M/T 10.5" slicks. The trunk has a 16 gallon fuel cell - I originally thought I might be driving this on the street, now I don't think so. For exhaust it has 1 7/8" Headers by Ed into a 3.5" collector backed up by a full 4" Flowmaster system with "H" pipe. Between these 4" pipes is a 4" aluminum drive shaft. Over time I will try to post some detailed pictures of each of the parts. The most recent problems I have had with the car were with wheel alignment and ignition. We could not get any positive caster, so we fabricated tubular upper arms. To use inexpensive arms (AFCO), we had o grind off the entire stock mounting pad, including where the shock bolted up. This was due to the arms being shaped like a triangle and hitting the old pads. It came out looking nice, but we were off by 0.5. I now have new arms, 0.5 longer to accommodate the correct wheel alignment. As soon as I quit traveling, they will be installed. Hopefully by 5/14. Thanks to Marty Haracz at Race Cars N Stuff in San Marcos, CA for all his help. There are still some cosmetic issues that I will finish after I start racing. It has been under construction way too long. I am hoping to get it in the 10s at 120+ with the 400 and without nitrous. With me in it the car is over 3400 lbs. I also hope to be able to get it out in June or July. Since everything is new (and mostly redesigned), the first time out will be pretty cautious. 4/18/01: Car has been racing since August 2000. Best performance to date is 10.718 seconds at 123.85 mph. 60 foot time was 1.514 seconds.

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