This mariner turquoise was my first car that I bought with my fathers help when I was 15 way back in 1986. When I finished undergrad I went to work on making her a street terror. The motor is a 73 455 bored 0.030". Running a basically stock bottom end with the stock rods shot peened, magged, resized and fitted with ARP bolts, everthing was balanced by Abernathy's Speed Shop in Tuscumbia, AL. All machine work was done by Sands Machine Shop in Hamilton, AL. Heads are 1971 vintage #96 that have been ported. Intake is a EBrock Performer RPM topped with a Holley 850dp. Camshaft is a hydraulic Ultradyne 288/296. The tranny is the original TH400 with a shift kit and TCI 3500 stall converter. Its loose on the street, but a the strip it will rip your head off with a set of slicks.

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