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The goal of this project was to build a car that I can drive anyplace, put it in shows and park it next to anything, handle better than when it was new, and be quick enough to keep it interesting. Here is how the project went:

1968 Pontiac LeMans Restification Project

350cid HO .030 over, balanced
Block Code - YP
Heads Code - #18's, ported
Intake - stock cast iron
Carburetor - stock QuadraJet by Cliff Ruggles
Cam - Comp Cams Dual Energy 276 Series 219/228
Valves - 3 angle cut, hardened seats
Compression - 9.1:1
Ignition - Pontiac HEI - recurved

Horsepower - 325hp
Torque - 375lbs

Manifolds -Ram Air split-flow cast
Pipes - 2 " duals, cross-over H-Pipe
Mufflers - Walker SuperTurbos

Make - worked th350
Shift Kit - Transgo
Converter - 2400 stall

GEARS - 3:23 open

SHIFTER - Hurst His/Hers dual-gate

WHEELS - 15" x 7" Pontiac Rally II

TIRES - 235/60R15 BFG Radial TA

2-98 brake shoes, brake hoses, brake lines, emergency brake cable, rear axle studs, wheel bearings, axle bearings & seals, coil springs & gas charged shocks, front end rebuild & alignment
3-98 heater core, 4-row radiator, power brake booster, HEI ignition system
4-98 in-dash tachometer
5-98 quadrajet rebuild, fuel lines to/from tank
6-98 starter & alternator rebuild, voltage regulator re-calibrated, th350 rebuild
7-98 engine rebuild, detailed frame and underside of car w/POR15
8-98 Rally II's, BFG TA radials, dual exhaust, Dual-Gate His/Hers shifter
10-98 AutoMeter guages, in-dash reproduction tachometer
Summer '99 - drove the car and worked out the kinks, took time off from night school and car project
Fall/Winter '99 - Back in school (car project on-hold)
01-00 - Purchased parts car for body tub. PITA finding a transport company
02-00 - Parts car arrives
05-00 - Begin body tub swap
05-00 - Body tub is off, garage is totaled and will probably never be the same
06-00 - Installed boxed lower control arms, rear sway bar, polygraphite control arm bushings, 1 1/4" front sway bar
07-00 - Old body is now on parts car chassis. Parts car runs again. Had pin holes in floor pans "Metal Mended" and the body tub is now on sawhorses awaiting an under side paint job. Haven't seen wife or kids in weeks......
08-00 Painted underside of body tub and rolling chassis with POR15. Put body back on.
09-00 Converted manual steering to power steering. Changed to a quick ratio PS gear.
10-00 Detailed out the wheel wells with POR15 & undercoating.
02-01 Car went into body shop
03-01 Rechromed bumpers and had all stainless steel professionally straightened and polished. Best investment made on this car so far...
04-01 The car is painted and back home
05-01 New convertible top, carpet, seat buns, seat covers
06-01 300 watt stereo system, am/fm, cassette, 10 disc CD changer, 2ea 10" subwoofers, 6" mid-bases, 1.5" directional tweeters & alarm system with radar
"We be cruizin' now"

07-01 1st show ever was POCI 2001 in Redwing, MN - Received 2nd place popular vote in semi-modified class.

stay tuned.......

02-02 had pistons dished 10cc to bring CR down to 9.1:1
02-02 ported heads, port matched intake & exhaust manifolds

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