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my first car was a '67 tempest convertible, so i have been hooked on pontiacs from the start. my father and i started seriously collecting pontiacs while i was in college. i sold parts instead of getting a minimum wage, part time job. by the time i had finished college the "hobby" had turned into a business. we now have over 40 pontiacs; some drivers, some projects, and some parts cars, and a lot of parts! if you want to see what we have for sale right now, check out my site at: i update the site almost daily with our new finds, so check back back to the site at hand! in jan of '99 i was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and i was in cicu( cardiac intensive care unit) for a week. the one thing...ok, there were lots of things i wanted to do again, but the one physical thing i wanted to do was climb to the top of yosemite falls again. i hadn't been there since i was a teenager, and its an 8-1/2 mile walk, and the trail is like walking straight up stairs...for miles, and its over 7,000ft at the peak...i changed my diet, my attitude, and my way of thinking...oh yes, i also started walking! i now walk 2-3 miles everyday, and a couple weeks ago i got to hike to the top of the falls! so i am going to put up pictures of yosemite, and since this a pontiac site- one of our pontiacs in yosemite. the top picture is of the falls this past spring (the trail goes up the crevice just to the left of the falls, in the shadow). the picture to the left is me on the way back down the trail. the picture to the right is of our '91 bonneville sse (taken the day after the picture on the top of the page!). the picture on the bottom is from the very top of the falls, almost at the edge (the falls are dried up since it hasn't started raining here yet this year). updated 1/5/00; i'm now walking 5-10 miles a day, and have picked my next challange. i'm going to walk the john muir trail. 220 miles, starting from yosemite vally and ending at mt whitney's 14,000+ summit. i'm planning on doing the trail in segments, 3 days to a week at a time. if anyone is interested in going with, email me. i'll throw in a free tour of my yard!!!

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