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Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our site. We are Jim and Mary Jo Stern.

If we tell you our story has a beginning, a middle and no end those of you who have restored, or are restoring, a classic automobile will understand what we mean. This page is the beginning.

We're not sure who took the photograph at the top of this page but we know it was taken before 1997. We took the engine picture on the left and the undercarriage picture on the right.

We purchased this 1966 GTO in the late spring / early summer of 1998. After the above photograph was taken a "cosmetic restoration" was performed (what could be seen was made to look good). We bought a good looking old car with the intention of driving it and perhaps showing it occasionally at small local shows or cruise night outings. It did not really matter to us that the engine didn't look great and the underbody was dirty - it looked good from the outside! That thinking soon began to change. See page #2 of this site to continue our story.

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