Soon comments such as "this is a great candidate for a complete restoration" started us thinking in another direction. We began to seek confirmation that we owned a worthy vehicle.

By the fall of 1998 we reached the decision to undertake a body-off-frame restoration. The key factors which lead us to that decision were: 1) This was a documented low mileage authentic GTO (under 27,000 miles). 2) It was a very early example of the '66 production run (1st. day?). 3) It was heavily optioned (23 added cost options in all) - rare for a GTO. 4) It had been used by Pontiac Motor Division as a PR vehicle before it was sold. 5) It was sold in Illinois, it stayed in Illinois and yet it was a very solid vehicle.

The body came off the frame in January of 1999 as pictured to the left. Every component, nut, bolt and screw came off the frame as pictured on the right. At this point a word of advice is in order - take pictures! Take pictures of everything. We have over 700 and counting!

See page #3 of this site to continue our story.

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