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My story begins in the early spring of 1999 when I began my search for a GTO. I knew that I wanted a '66 or a '67 because I like the body style. I wanted a tri-power, but would settle for a nice '67 if I found one. I looked in all of the usual places; internet sites, auto trader mags, Hemmings, etc., when I found an ad in a mag. for a classic car broker in the northeast. I contacted the guy and found that he had a '66 GTO convertible, tri-power. He said that the car was in good condition and he had obtained a PHS for it. Sounds interesting. The only problem I had with it was '$'. It cost about 5K more than I wanted to spend. After some negotiations with my Financial Advisor/Planner (wife), I contacted a Financing Company who specializes in financing classic cars. I faxed them the necessary paperwork and they even sent an Inspector to look at the car in question. They later advised me that everything was a go! And about a week later, my Dad and I flew off the Philly like a couple of fools to "drive my car home." Did I mention that I live in Baton Rouge, LA.? Did I also mention that this was the last weekend of July and a hot S.O.B.? We arrived in Philly and proceeded to the car's location. I was a little shocked to see that the car had not been cleaned up for me, but the broker explained that southeast Penn. was currently under drought conditions and washing cars was strickly forbidden by law. We spent about half a day getting the car ready; checking all the vitals and correcting a small electrical ground problem. Oh yes, and by the way, the A/C don't work. But the next morning we set off on a trip I will always remember. We only had one problem in which we lost about 5 hours, but otherwise the trip was uneventful. We made it home in about 3 days of cautious driving and a little sight seeing.

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