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Thought I would update my site with the work I have done in the past 15 months. I have been motivated by reading up on what others have done to their cars and hope this will do the same. I purchased the car in 1977, installed my first engine, and have enjoyed it since. The car was driven/raced in the Detroit area and for a Michigan car its in very good shape. I had it painted in 1989 and it has held up very well. The interior is original and in very good shape. Last year I decided it was time to put in a new mill and bring it back to the way Pontiac built her. The pics here were taken September 22, 2007 and show what I started with. This engine is a 400 with two bolt main, stock crank/rods, forged pistons, 1967 670 heads, mild Crower cam (282 duration, .480 lift), Holley intake and 800 cfm carb, and 4 tube headers. This engine survived 30 years of me thrashing on her mainly in my youth as I have mellowed a bit. The engine compartment is untouched and shows it.

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