Because I have some good car buddies, they convince me that I should go a bit further heck its a nice car. Off comes the front suspension for a total rebuild. While you are there, strip the firewall. Now I really have a project on my hands! I start tackling the frame and getting the a-arms blasted and painted. It took quite some time to clean and wire brush the frame. I live in Michigan and we get our share of winter here. I also do not have a heated garage that limits my ability to work in the cold months. Just after Thanksgiving I have the frame painted. I was able to get some heat in the garage so I could paint. The following weekend, my good car buddies come over and on goes the suspension. Starting to make progress! Now I have a roller again. The top picture shows the car just before winter storage. Now comes spring. Here comes summer. Now summer is almost over and I have not done a thing to the car. I can line up the excuses . . . Starting Labor Day weekend I commit myself to finishing this project. Goal have it running before winter storage. I finally take a couple days off of work and spend 6 days straight working on the car. The picture below was taken on September 3rd . The firewall and core support is painted!

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