Parts Suppliers/Services

Ames Performance Engineering1-800-421-2637GTO, Firebird, and Fullsize
Butler Classics Auto RestorationRestoration
Classic Industries1-800-854-1280Firebird
Gas Tank Renu1-800-723-3759
Inline Tube1-810-294-4093Manufacturer of fuel and brake cables
Just Dashes1-800-247-3274
Original Parts Group1-800-243-8355GTO
The Paddock1-800-428-4319GTO and Firebird
Performance Years Pontiac1-215-699-3722GTO, Firebird, and Fullsize
Year One1-800-950-9503GTO and Firebird
H-O Racing H-O Ken has sold the business & remaining inventory. He now advertises in High Performance Pontiac magazine and has a tech help line 1-888-703-4477. You call the number, dictate your scenario and questions on his voicemail. He returns your call with personalized tech advice. I believe it costs $3 minute on his callback to you with the answers. Then you call Malibu Performance 1-818-222-6725 who purchased H-O's inventory.